Ekrem Luka Story - Biography

To talk about Ekrem Lluka is unusual. Because of people’s expectations. Because of the drama surrounding his personality, which makes him a myth of modern times.

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Establishes printing house Dukagjini

It was the first private printing house in Kosovo that at that time was a special unit within the former Yugoslavian Federation. Investment appears to be appropriate and facilitates the press that was not easy service at that…


Expands trading activity

The political crisis was destroying the former Yugoslavian federation. Together with Yugoslavia ran out the socialist system in which the private business did not exist. So during the 90s in Kosovo which was facing the transition of the system and…


Dispersed network of Dukagjini kiosks

Political problems brought economic difficulties for the citizens of Kosovo that at those times mostly lived only by the help of family members in exile. Delivering a large sophisticated network of Dukagjini kiosks, for various…


Establishment of the publishing house and first opened bookstores in Kosovo

Despite the success of the printing house on the one hand and the need for books in a parallel learning system on the other hand, it became necessary to open up a publishing house, too. It remains to be one of the largest in Kosovo and has…


Radio Dukagjini

It is the largest radio broadcaster in Kosovo. Most influential radio station with the highest listenership. Having national frequency and offering alternative program it has managed to make the difference with…


TV Dukagjini

The success of radio Dukagjini would pave the way of television. It was conceived as a local media for Dukagjini Plain and functioned as such for more than a decade. Now it is the national TV with completely alternative access…



It is an exclusive representative of some of the most prestigious brands of tobacco. The company possesses the most sophisticated network of distributors and has spread throughout Kosovo.


Dukagjini construction

We are very proud of the large number of families’ stories who experience the daily comfort in their apartments, which comes as a result of high care and ethics of this company during construction.


Establishes Kosovo-Slovenian pension fund

The Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund is a financial institution that manages the pension savings. It is licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo to act as a supplementary pension fund. Besides…


Dukagjini Invest

It is the company that explores investment opportunities. “Dukagjini Invest” is licensed by the Association of World Trade Centers based in New York. This license entitles the Company to build a World…



Telecommunication infrastructure is the basis of development in the modern world, but at the same time an integral component of economic development. In an attempt to convey contemporary technology and to promote it in…


Privatization of Hotel Dukagjini

One of the iconic hotels of Dukagjini Plain. The object that has been as a reference for decades to the residents of this area, under the management of Ekrem Luka has achieved to modernize and become a perfect combination of the old with the contemporary trends.


Dukagjini Fiscal Solution

As a company licensed to import, sale and servicing of fiscal devices, the company Dukagjini Fiscal Solution is one of the key factors in one of the most important projects in Kosovo fighting against the informal economy.


Dukagjini College

It is one of the colleges proven as a center of knowledge and a great choice of those who want to build a successful career.

European College “Dukagjini” remains true to the goal of preparing students to the European level in…

  • He has used the few options given to him and has created a lot of opportunities for others. It is time for him to enjoy success. Others use those opportunities created by him.

  • The story of Ekrem Lluka is unusual. Because of people’s expectations. Because of the drama surrounding his personality, which makes him a myth of modern times.

  • But there aren’t many unusual things in the life of one of the most successful businessmen in Kosovo and the region. Uncommon are only his courage and attempt to exploit the opportunities and to create opportunities for others.